Other Services

Secure Serving

In addition to serving Web pages, members may also contract with Boreal Community Media to use our Stronghold Secure Commerce server. Members wishing to gather or deliver secure information from their customers can use this service. Utilizing the latest in advanced encryption technology, information can be received from your customer and stored securely. Some potential uses are:

  • Credit Card Transactions
  • Catalog Sales
  • Confidential Surveys
  • Memberships
  • Project Management


Secure web serving, including use of Boreal Community Media Certificate of Authority: $5.00/month

A surcharge may apply for sites using excessive bandwidth.

ColdFusion Serving

Boreal has a ColdFusion server available. This allows you to create dynamic web pages by adding special ColdFusion tags to your pages. Dynamic pages allow you to change the way your page is displayed based on information a visitor gives you via an online form or information stored in a database. Some examples of things you can do with ColdFusion are:

  • Create an Online Shopping Cart. (NOTE: Boreal has ColdFusion shopping cart software available - see below.)
  • Create an Online Guestbook.
  • Change the pictures or information displayed on your page based on information a visitor gives you on a form.
  • Load your reservations database to the server and create an online reservations system.
  • Set up a system where you can change the text and pictures on your website simply by filling out a form.

Charges for ColdFusion are as follows:

  • Cold Fusion serving, including an online database - $10/month
  • Cold Fusion programming - adding ColdFusion functions to your page to make it dynamic - $50/hour of programming time required
    NOTE: Extra charges may apply for a very large database.

Shopping Cart

Boreal offers a ColdFusion-based shopping cart application. This application lets you maintain an online catalog, including pictures, prices, and text, simply by filling out an online form. It includes a shopping cart and checkout system. When a customer completes an order, you receive an email message with the order details and payment information.

For an example of a standard shopping cart application, visit www.sawtoothmtnsleds.com or www.devilstracknordic.com/shop. For an example of a customized cart, see www.sivertson.com.

Please note that this application does use the ColdFusion and secure servers, so everyone using the shopping cart software will be charged the monthly fees for the ColdFusion and secure servers as shown above.

  • Basic shopping cart, including customizing the cart's look to match the rest of your web site and customizing shipping calculations and boilerplate text on the checkout pages - $250.
  • Additional customizations to match your business needs - $50/hour of programming time required

Boreal Community Media retains ownership of the Boreal shopping cart software, including any customizations. You may not install the shopping cart software on any website or web server without the explicit permission of Boreal Commnity Media. You must also obtain explicit permission from Boreal in order to copy or modify any of the shopping cart software, files or databases.

Computer Repair

Boreal provides basic computer repair services. These services include everything from system troubleshooting to replacing and installing hardware and software to virus and spyware removal. When you bring your computer in for repair, you usually only need to bring in your tower - that is you don't need to bring in cords, the monitor, the keyboard or mouse. However, it is a good idea to bring in any CDs or diskettes that came with the computer.

Sorry, but we can't come to your place to work on your computer - you must bring it to the Boreal office for service. It isn't necessary to make an appointment.

  • Computer repair is $65/hour for members and $85/hour for non-members.

Website Development

Boreal Community Media now offers website development services.  We can create a website for you based on your specifications, including dynamic programming in ColdFusion or PHP, and can also make changes or updates to your existing site.  Dynamic programming includes, but is not limited to, creating an administrative interface which allows you to make changes to specified areas of text on your site.  Note that we require provide coding, but not design services. 

  • Boreal charges $70/hour for website development and coding