North Shore Dragon Boat Festival is "building boats"

The North Shore Dragon Boat Festival is “building boats” this year—not the wooden kind, but teams.  The festival will be held July 27 – 29, 2012.
If you’ve never powered a dragon boat before and want to know what the excitement is all about, here’s your opportunity!  Register as an individual paddler and we’ll put you together with like-minded folks to create a team.  Plan on a Friday afternoon practice and at least two races on Saturday, with the possibility of being in the final heat to determine the division champions.
“Paddling for Community” has been our mission since 2004.  This year each of our three founding nonprofits is focusing on programs that benefit the area’s young people:
• WTIP’s "Engaging Youth through Radio" project provides local youth with enhanced opportunities for self-exploration, self-expression, and community involvement by providing broadcast training to interested young people.  This year’s festival will help fund our summer student intern and youth program producer.
• North Shore Health Care Foundation’s Oral Health Project aims to get Cook County’s children the dental care they need by providing free and financially assisted oral health care through a unique new local partnership among foundations, clinic, schools and dentist.
• North House Folk School serves local youth through school outreach programs that provide hands-on learning opportunities.  Funds raised during the festival will be used to improve the classroom resources available for our elementary school outreach programs and our high school timber frame trade tech initiative.
Contact any of the organizations for more information on how to support this great cause.