North House Folk School Wooden Boat Show kicks off Friday

The 15th North House Folk School Wooden Boat Show gets underway today, Friday, June 22 This event, to many will be the unveiling of the new look of the waterfront campus—the outdoor student commons.
The combination of paving stones and pavement, of etched cement and stone make a more user-friendly walking and working surface while retaining the charm of the folk school. Sturdy benches and wooden planters with flowers, perfect for an outdoor classroom session, surround the compass in the middle of the commons.
The circle seating area is all moveable, says North House Director Greg Wright, so never fear, there will be space for all the wooden boats and the Summer Solstice Pageant. There are also anchors hidden on the commons for the big tent that is raised for the Unplugged/Mountain Stage event in September.
“The goal of the commons is to have maximum flexibility,” said Wright. “We have to have a space that does a lot of things, because the folk school does a lot of things!”
Stop by on June 22 – 24 and see the changes. But plan to spend some time there, because as Director Wright said, there is a lot going on! Check out the beautiful boats, sample chowder or barbecue on the bay, sign up for a workshop, enjoy the music and puppets at the Summer Solstice Pageant, watch the many crafters offering demonstrations, or just sit and watch the water.
There is something for everyone at North House!