Mural at Whole Foods Co-op to come down

With the planned renovation and expansion of the Cook County 
Whole Foods Co-op in Grand Marais now taking shape, it has been 
determined that the mural created by local schoolchildren on the outside north wall has to 
come down.
An architect recently inspected the wall the mural is attached to and 
determined it couldn’t withstand the re-building and expansion 
planned for this fall, said Co-op Executive Director Jennifer Stolz.
“It can’t be saved,” said Stolz, “But pieces of it can be 
saved, and they will be used to create a tribute to the adults and 
kids who built this mural.”
The co-op board met on Tuesday, June 26, in a meeting room at WTIP 
Radio where Stolz gave an update about the mural.
The mural took five years to build and was constructed by Sawtooth 
Mountain Elementary fourth graders under the direction of their 
teacher Jana Larson and Kelly Dupre, an artist and former teacher who 
volunteered to help with the project. Many organizations, individuals 
and businesses also contributed a great deal of time, money or 
resources to help with this luminous art project.
Just what form salvaged pieces will take and just where they will be 
placed in the new building hasn’t been yet determined.