Minnesota State Patrol increasing patrols during Thanksgiving holiday travel

The Minnesota State Patrol will enhance enforcement effort during the Thanksgiving holiday travel period to combat one the deadliest times on the roads. Captain Steve Stromback of the Duluth District State Patrol headquarters said, “Thanksgiving is traditionally one of our busiest times of the year so we have planned a district-wide saturation for the beginning of the travel concerns on Wednesday, November 21.” 

According to the Department of Public Safety, Office of Traffic Safety crash report records, there have been at least 30 fatalities and at least 1,773 injuries from crashes in Minnesota on Thanksgiving weekends from 2006 - 2011.

Stromback said, “We have seen a significant increase in the number of fatalities across the state this year so it is even more important that we are highly visible and active during this high travel time. Currently about 27 more people have lost their lives this year than last year at this same time. Speed and lack of seatbelt use continue to be factors in many of these crashes so we will concentrate on those offenses just before the holiday.” 

St. Louis County is on the list of the 13 deadliest counties for alcohol involved fatalities.

Stromback reminded his troopers, saying, “Because it is such a high travel day we expect everyone to put aside all non-patrol duties for the day and concentrate efforts on patrolling our main travel corridors throughout your shift. All district supervisors and the district investigator will also put aside administrative duties for the day and will join the saturation.” 
Further information from Stromback included the fact that one of his Lieutenants has arranged for the (State Patrol) aircraft to work a couple different patrol stations with the ground troopers in the morning and in the afternoon.

The Minnesota State Patrol reminds motorists to drive to the conditions, plan ahead to not drink and drive, report those drivers believed to be impaired and to buckle up properly while riding in any motor vehicle.