The M2 Comeback Kids


The Cook County Mite 2’s traveled to Silver bay for a jamboree over the weekend of January 29th and 30th. We saw the best play we have seen all season and came home with 2 out of 3 wins under our belts. These kids were so fired up; they were dog piling the goalie after each win out on the ice!

The first game was against Woodland White.  We came out a bit nervous and were down a couple before Ryan Bilben scored the first goal for Cook County. Alyssa Lashinski followed Ryan’s with one of her own. Then, not to be outnumbered, Jayden Grivette put down a hat trick for the books. His third goal of the game was scored with 12.4 seconds to go. He had all the fans going wild! Back on defense, Lucas Sheils was in attack mode, skating hard and aggressively. He had his stick in his opponents’ way and did a great job deterring goals. Ella Sporn was also a very feisty defender; quick on her skates and relentless. Goalie Chase Gwash went 32/36 in the net.

The second game was much like the first, with the kids coming from behind for a big win against Two Harbors Maroon. We were down quite a few when Jayden made his first goal of the game, assisted by Ryan Bilben. Ryan had one goal himself, and his younger brother Nate Bilben scored his first 2 goals of the season. Way to go Nate! Add another goal by Alyssa Lashinski and then the final goal by Jayden Grivette with 24.2 seconds left on the clock. Defensively, Trevor Berglund was all over the place.  Trevor has an instinctive eye for the puck and his speed works greatly to his advantage. Gwash went 47/53 in the net and is improving on his glove saves.

On Sunday, Cook County played a very tough Two Harbors Black and this was our one loss of the jamboree. Our opponent was excellent at passing the puck and they also had many fast breaks.  Grivette was good for 2 goals for Cook County.  Most of Grivette’s goals are scored on fast breaks. His speed is almost unmatched. Noah Furcht had a few fast breaks but was shut down by the Two Harbors Defense. Noah is very aggressive and constantly improving on all aspects of the game. John Vander Heiden has been showing us he has an aggressive side on the ice. He shows so much potential and has a true love for the game. John was in on many key plays over the weekend.  Chase Gwash was hammered in the net, but held his ground and saved a whopping 66 for 75 shots in this game. He loves the position and doesn’t get discouraged easily.

The Cook County M1’s play at Woodland/Duluth on February 5th and 6th and the Cook County M2’2 will play in Silver Bay on February 12th and 13th so come on out and support your local hockey player!