Little Free Library News

Hello from the frozen northland:  The Little Free Library at 103 3rd Av.West has undergone  an overhaul, which means new books in every department.  A variety of selections in the adult category; a cd, cookbooks and personal growth.  Teens can choose from sci/fi, modern teen angst, or a collection of western stories.  There is one copy of It's Perfectly Normal, a book to guide you through the vast range of emotions, body changes, and how to take care of your body during adolescence.

Everyone may enjoy ready any of the books about the gymnasts who competed in Rio this past year.  And when you are finished reading them, please return them so someone else can read the stories.

The older readers can choose to read The Phantom Tollbooth (a real favorite around here) or pick from a beautiful collection of American Girl books.  And as usual there are books about taking care of yourself.  The younger readers have a collection of Ivy and Bean, the Nevergirls, and Junie B. Jones.  And some funny books like The Chololate Touch.  The picture books win the prize for the funniest books for the collection of three books about the Sheep on a Ship, Sheep Take a Hike, and Sheep in a Jeep.  Enjoy February with some reads new to you or pull out the story book that is everyone's favorite.

CONTACT: Lynn Arnold
PHONE: 218-387-2284
DATE: 02/01/2017 04:30pm