Judy Siegle to speak about work in Haiti

Cook County Higher Education will feature Judy Siegle, who 
will present Witnessing a dream become reality: Building houses in 
Haiti at the first Guest Lecture Series of the season on Thursday, May 
17 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the Cook County Higher Education North Shore 
Campus in Grand Marais.
Siegle will share information about the cultures she has visited and 
highlight her work in Haiti, where she plans to return in November 2012.
Siegle states, “I have always had an interest in international 
travel, with the bottom line toward learning a lot about the cultures 
I visit. So, I have been to Nicaragua and Honduras with the Center for 
Global Education at Augsburg in 1991; Chiapas, Mexico to carry 
monetary and spiritual support to our sister church in Amantenengo in 
2008; and to Haiti with Habitat for Humanity’s Carter Work Project in 
2011.  Each one of those adventures has been transforming and filled 
me with humility, sorrow, and joy.  I look forward to sharing just a 
portion of those experiences with the community on May 17.”
Siegle does not consider herself a “normal” higher education 
student.  For two years she worked her way through the University of 
Minnesota, and took two quarters off to go to Europe with two other 
women. She came back to go to school for another quarter and summer 
session, got married, and became the mother of two daughters. As they 
grew, Judy attended night courses until she had earned enough credits 
to need only one more year of school when she finally returned in 
Siegle retired in 2002, and she and her husband live in Grand Marais.
The Guest Lecture series is offered to the community free, although 
donations are welcome. The series is sponsored by the Grand Marais 
State Bank, Drury Lane Books, George F. Maruska Ltd., and the Lake 
Superior Trading Post. Refreshments are donated by Beth’s Fudge and 
Gifts and Johnson’s Foods. The lectures are held at Cook County 
Higher Education’s North Shore campus, 300 W. 3rd St., Grand Marais. 
For more information call 387-3411.