International Day of Peace to be celebrated locally Sept. 21

The International Day of Peace is September 21. A unique observance will be held in Grand Marais on this special day. Community members are invited to gather at Drury Lane books at 2 p.m. on September 21 for Scarves of Peace—an event that will include fibres, food, music, fun—and peace.
At the event, scarves will be created by braiding fibres brought by participants. Why scarves? Organizer Karen Lohn, author of Peace Fibres: Stitching a Soulful World, explains, “Perhaps nothing demonstrates respectful relationships better than a scarf that is created by the hands of one, then draped and worn for warmth and adornment by another.”
Participants in this International Day of Peace can take part by sending fibres in 5-yard lengths (yarn, ribbons, strips of fabric—anything appropriate for braiding) that have been “blessed with your wishes for peace.” The fibres can be mailed to Karen Lohn, PO Box 1181, Grand Marais, MN 55604.
Donors of the fibres—and other community members—are then invited to come to the Scarves of Peace event to braid the fibres—together. Lohn reassures anyone thinking of attending that all are welcome. “Anyone can do this,” Lohn said. “No talent, experience, or expertise in anything is required.”
Finished scarves will be sent to world leaders with the message to “remember the human longing for respectful relationships at all levels.” Scarves will also be sent to places of turmoil and conflict, natural disaster or poverty to bring comfort and to stand in solidarity with the people there.
Lohn will be there to talk about her book and its goal, which is “to create awareness, inspire awe and stimulate action in service of more peaceful relationships.” Lohn is offering her book for sale at a discount during the event and all proceeds from the sale of Peace Fibres will go directly to the Violence Prevention Center of Cook County.
For more information about the Grand Marais gathering or about creating your own Scarves for Peace event, contact Karen Lohn at (218) 387-1684 or Jodi at (218) 387-1237.