Improvements and events at Father Baraga Cross

Schroeder resident Jim Norvell told the Schroeder Town Board that the 
park landscape design was nearly completed at the June 12 town 
meeting. The next step is to get the plants, set a date and recruit 
planters, said Norvell, who added that he will need help transporting 
mulch and water and suggested buying lunch for the workers.
Due to an injury to Kyle Martinson, the Eagle Scout project he was 
working on will be on hold until he heals. Martinson and other scouts 
will cut brush and eliminate the Tansey weeds after he has recuperated
“The goal is to have the plantings in and the Eagle Scout project 
completed by the 5th of August,” said Norvell.
Bishop Sirba will rededicate the Father Baraga memorial site on August
5. The last time the site was dedicated was 1932 when the ceremony was 
performed Bishop Welch, then the Bishop of the Diocese of Duluth. 
Norvell said Bishop Sirba would like to publicly thank the community 
for their help and support. Rededication will be held at 3 p.m., said 
On September 15 a birthday commemoration for Father Baraga’s birth 
will be held at the cross. Yul Yost, a Father Baraga historian from 
Roseville, Minnesota, will host the event. The time will be determined 
at a later date.