Hugh Timber Sale along the Gunflint Scenic Byway Planned by Feds

The Forest Service (USFS) is in the early stages of planning on one of the largest timbers sales along the Gunflint Trail in decades. The proposed plan, entitled the Lima Green, would include the logging of thousand of acres of timber along the Gunflint Scenic Byway. The sale, if implemented as proposed, would remove much of the remaining mature forest cover along 7-mile stretch, along both sides of the Gunflint Scenic Byway from the South Brule to Swamp Lake.

Given that much of the lower Gunflint Trail’s forest is in the process of being cut under the USFS Devil-Trout plan and the most of the upper end of the trail was burn during the Ham Lake Fire or salvaged logged after the Blowdown, what do you think about taking-out much of the remaining continuous-native forest cover along the Byway?