Grand Portage election recount has same results for June ballot

A recount of ballots cast in the Grand Portage Band of Lake Superior Chippewa 2012 primary election showed a slightly different number of votes cast for the Reservation Tribal Council (RTC) committeeman seat, however, the difference was not enough to change the outcome of the upcoming general election. Robert J. Hull and Marie Spry will go on to the general election on June 12, 2012.
The initial count on Tuesday, April 3, 2012 for Reservation Tribal Council showed Marie Spry in the lead with 132 votes, Robert J. Hull in second with 110 votes and William “Bill” Myers with 109 votes. Rita Evans received 11 votes.

After the votes were recounted, Spry was again in the lead with 133 votes; Hull in second with 116 votes; Myers with 111 and Evans again with 11 votes. The two candidates who receive the most votes proceed to the general election, so the recount confirms that Hull and Spry moving on to the June election.

Incumbent Tribal Chair Norman W. Deschampe was also on the ballot for the primary election. The vote for chair was not challenged and was not involved in the recount.
Deschampe earned 51% of the vote, with 199 votes. Because he garnered over half of the votes, Deschampe is reelected and will not have to be on the ballot for general election in June. Deschampe has served as tribal chair for 20 years.
The election was held in accordance with Minnesota Chippewa Tribe ordinances
The Grand Portage Reservation Tribal Council is the governing body of the reservation. Current members of the Tribal Council are Chair Norman Deschampe, Vice-Chair John Morrin; Secretary-Treasurer April McCormick; Councilman Arvid Dahl; and Councilman William “Bill” Myers. The council oversees health care, social services, education, jobs, housing, public safety, and more.