Grand Marais Wifi & Mesh (High Speed)

WiFi is in Grand Marais!

High-Speed wireless Internet is now available to most residents of Grand Marais!

Boreal Access has installed high-speed Internet service in sections of Grand Marais. Service is available in the Rec Park, and from around 3rd Street and 10th Avenue West to 5th Street and 3rd Avenue East. Due to equipment failures and a lack of availability of replacement equipment, Boreal is currently no longer able to provide reliable WIFI service south of 3rd Street in Grand Maras, EXCEPT for in the Rec Park.

The high-speed Internet service operates at speeds six to ten times faster than dial-up, and no slower than 256K. It is always on; so dialing in is not necessary. Extra phone lines for Internet dial-up are not needed.

If the Wifi signal inside your home or business isn't strong enough to give you Internet access, you may be able to install a bridge to bring Wifi access into your building. The bridge picks up the Wifi signal via an antenna and uses an ethernet connection to send it to your computer. The wireless bridge costs about $180. If you need additional equipment such as a more powerful antenna, the cost will be higher depending on what type of antenna is required. If you need to use the wireless bridge and antenna, you may choose to install it yourself or you may hire an independent installer. Installation charges must be handled between you and the installer. Please contact Boreal if you'd like a recommendation for a installer.

If you're not using a bridge router, a computer or wireless PDA with a WiFi NIC card (802.11b or g) is necessary to receive the signal.


  • There is a one-time sign-up fee of $50.00.
  • The monthly charge for the service is $35.95, with a two-year contract.
  • Additional equipment needed depends upon your location in proximity to the radios, and ranges in price from $50 or less for a wireless network card, to $180 or more for a wireless bridge and/or antenna, plus installation. If you are unsure of your signal strength or what equipment you need, we recommend that you hire a professional installer to come and assess your location, and if necessary install whatever equipment you need. Contact the Boreal office for names of recommended installers.
  • If you want to keep your existing dial-up, the monthly charge is $39.95 for Mesh Wifi plus basic dial-up service. You may only use one type of connection at a time - for example you can't be using the mesh system at work at the same time the kids are dialed in at home. If you need to use both types of connection at the same time you'll be charged full price ($22.95) for a dial-up connection plus full price ($35.95) for the Mesh Wifi service.
  • All Wifi accounts include:

    • Broadband access through the Wifi system, at speeds of 256K and above (Access speeds depend on the current traffic on the system but should not drop below 256K.)
    • Unlimited hours when accessing the Internet via the Wifi system
    • Up to three extra email boxes

You may only have one computer logged into the system at a time with the same account name. If you need to have multiple computers accessing the system at once, you must either network them together so they share a single Internet connection, or you must purchase a separate account for each computer.

To sign up, call the Boreal Access office at 218-387-9471, or send an email to Make sure to include your name and physical address of your residence.

For information on setting up temporary access to the WiFi system, please see

The original Grand Marais WiFi was made possible through a grant from IRR and funding from the City of Grand Marais, Cook County, the EDA, and Boreal Access.