Grand Marais Waverider Wireless Access (High Speed)

High-speed Internet has come to Grand Marais!

NOTE - Sorry, we are no longer installing new Waverider systems in Grand Marais.

Wireless Internet gives you access speeds averaging 256K, and doesn't require a phone line. This service is available to people or businesses within about a one-mile radius of the hospital tower in Grand Marais.

  • Startup fee - $100
    The startup fee includes 1 hour on-site installation and setup (does not include LAN work), and use of a wireless radio and an internal antenna. (Boreal retains ownership of the radio and antenna.)
    Monthly fees:

    • No resale - $35.95/month
      Includes unlimited access and up to 3 extra email addresses.
    • Resale - $70.95/month
      Includes unlimited access, up to 3 extra email addresses, and providing your customers access to the signal. If you're using the system to provide Internet access to your customers, whether or not your customers are paying for this service, you must pay the resale rate.
    • Static IP address (optional) - $5/month
  • Please note: Your high-speed access replaces your dial-up access, so the above fees do not include dial-up access. If you need to be able to access the Internet via dial-up in addition to using the Waverider service, you will need to purchase a dial-up account (prices) in addition to your Waverider account. (You don't have to pay an additional membership fee to have dial-up access.)

Important notes:

  • There is a one year minimum commitment for wireless service.
  • The use of the wireless radio and internal antenna are included in the startup fee, and are all many people will need. However, depending on your location and existing equipment, you may need to purchase additional equipment, such as:

    • external antenna
    • extra cabling (depending on the distance from your computer to the antenna)
    • an Ethernet network card (if your computer doesn't already have one)
  • Boreal retains ownership of the wireless radio and internal antenna.
  • A hardware firewall is not required, but is highly recommended. Cost of the firewall is not included in the startup fee.
  • You must receive a clear signal from our antenna, located on the tower behind the hospital, to be able to use wireless Internet. We will check signal strength before installing. Things which affect your signal strength are:

    • Distance - the signal range is about 1 mile from the tower. This reaches Tomteboda on the west end of town and Steve's Sports on the east. If you're outside this area, you probably won't be able to receive a stong enough signal.
    • Physical obstructions - the signal is non line-of-sight, but large obstructions between your antenna and the tower can interfere with the signal. These obstructions include things like rockpiles and buildings with metal roofs.