Grand Marais businesses support increase in Mutt MItt stations

Several new Mutt Mitt stations were slated for installation throughout Grand Marais the week after the November 5, 2013 Grand Marais Park Board meeting. Park board member Tracy Benson reported a very positive response from 20 business owners she had solicited for sponsorships of the stations.  For a one-time donation, their names will be displayed on signs to be attached to the stations.

“This was the easiest dollar I’ve ever asked for for a lot of reasons,” Benson said.  She said business owners believe the community has come to be known as pet-friendly, they see a need for having Mutt Mitts available in various locations, and they believe providing the stations is the right thing to do.

Local residents tend not to pick up after their dogs as well as visitors, Bill Lenz commented.  Park Manager Dave Tersteeg agreed, saying that he sees local people bring their dogs to the park and let them out of their vehicles to run around.  “It’s a little bit of that country living,” he said.

The Mutt Mitt receptacles are tall and thin in order to decrease the potential of people trying to put their household garbage in them.  Tersteeg was optimistic that more litter, such as juice boxes, will be picked up from the ground once the Mutt Mitt receptacles are in place.

More Mutt Mitt station sponsorships are available, and help with the ongoing costs of maintenance would be appreciated, Tersteeg said.  With more funding, more stations could be available in other locations.