Fresh produce accepted at Cook County Food Shelf

The Cook County Food Shelf is inviting local gardeners and farmers to donate produce and eggs to the Food Shelf.

Board Member Gwen Lenz said, "Everyone enjoys fresh produce this time of the year, and Food Shelf families are no different! If you would like to donate, or have donated in the past, please pick up an info sheet so that we can all work together." 

The Food Shelf has created a produce donations guideline sheet to answer common questions about donating to the Food Shelf, covering everything from food safety, favorite vegetables for the Food Shelf, and when and how to arrange to drop off produce. 

Lenz said the Food Shelf board is grateful to be able to share garden extras, and will make every attempt to put extra produce to good use. It is important that the Food Shelf ensures that donations are grown and handled safely, and that you make arrangements for drop off on Mondays. Produce that is left at the church without an appointment is often unable to be used. 

To donate fresh produce or eggs to the Food Shelf, contact Steve Deschene at (218) 387-1767, Gwen or Bill Lenz (218) 387-9860, or First Congregational Church at (218) 387-2113.