EDA to sell lot in Cedar Grove Business Park

Cook County-Grand Marais Economic Development Authority (EDA) held a public hearing Tuesday, March 12, 2013 regarding the sale of a lot in the Cedar Grove Business Park. EDA Chair Mark Sandbo said the purpose of the hearing was to give the public the opportunity to comment.

The only citizens present however were the potential buyers, Ryan Mixdorf and Luke Gulstrand of Fine Finish Painting. The men have submitted an offer of $30,000 for Lot 5, Block 7, which is the second lot down from the top of the business park.

EDA Board Member Scott Harrison asked if the city of Grand Marais or the EDA assumed any additional responsibilities regarding the lot sale. Chair Sandbo said no. Originally, the business park covenants required that the buyer pave the lot’s driveway and parking area, however, Sandbo said, that requirement has been suspended

Harrison asked when a building would be constructed. Luke Gulstrand said within two to five years. He said they plan to clear the lot and begin site prep this year.

Board Member Hal Greenwood said when plans for the building are ready, Fine Finish needs to submit their design to the EDA for review by the Design Review Committee for approval. Gulstrand said they will not be building anything too elaborate, they just need space to mix paint, sandblast and paint indoors. He said they won’t need public restrooms or lobby space.

Gulstrand asked about the status of the assessment for infrastructure at the business park. He said he understood that Fine Finish would not be responsible for that assessment Sandbo replied, “Correct. The point is to sell lots and get them on the tax rolls.”

The EDA passed a unanimous motion to approve the sale of the lot to Fine Finish Painting.