Don't miss "Lethal Lecture" dinner performance at Harbor Light Supper Club

There are just a few more chances to catch "Lethal Lecture" at the Harbor Light Supper Club, the tale of a lecture on archeology that is interrupted—by murder! The murder must be solved by the cast—the archeologist’s assistant, his “intern,” his wife and an intrepid reporter—and the audience. The hilarious show is different every night as the interaction with the audience keeps the performers on their toes.
And of course, while the murder is being solved, the audience will enjoy a delicious Harbor Light dinner and dessert in air conditioning.
Appearing in Lethal Lecture is (L-R) Kevin Kager as Professor Hazelton Crandall; Tina Krause, as Mrs. Peabody; Stefanie Mitchell as Diana Darling; Sarah Stover as the professor’s assistant, Dr. Hillary Scheckle; Jack Nickolay, as Jackson Philips; and Gerry Grant as Mrs. Crandall.
The next shows are July 5 – 8. For tickets, contact Harbor Light at (218) 387-1142.