Dockside Fish Market

20% off Gifts and Clothing Friday & Saturday Only

It’s chilly out there today, so stop in and enjoy a bowl of Smoked Trout, Cheddar Vegetable with Smoked Salmon or Potato Leek –n- Scallop Chowders.

Today we have ALL YOU CAN EAT Herring Fish–n-Chips for $8.95

Fresh Fish In:  Lake Herring, Whitefish, Atlantic Salmon, Wild Coho Salmon
**This will be the last weekend for fresh herring, so call ahead and reserve your winter supply.**

Seafood: Wild & Tiger Shrimp. Bay Scallops, Mussels and Fresh Oysters!!

Frozen:  Fish Cake Batter, and a good supply of vacuum packed Lake Trout, Whitefish ,Walleye, and Halibut.
             Shrimp, Scallops, and King Crab should be in next week.

Black Friday Deals are:  20% off all clothing and gift Items Friday and Saturday Only!!

REMEMBER we are open until News Years Eve so plan ahead for all you Holiday party trays and needs.