County denies request for use of uncommitted 1 percent funds for Cook County Community YMCA

Cook County Community YMCA Project Manager Wade Cole of ORB Management asked the county board on September 10 for $70,000 of as-yet-uncommitted funds from the county’s 1 percent recreation and infrastructure sales tax budget in order to finish the project.  He cited unexpected costs due to a contract dispute with The Meyer Group and re-design fees paid to JLG Architects after the building was downsized.

Project Manager Cole said they were waiting on prices for 88 separate items, so the exact amount he anticipated needing was not known yet. 

Cole said his company has been advocating for the county’s benefit all along.

Commissioner Sue Hakes said this is a complicated project.

Commissioner Bruce Martinson reminded the board that about $60,000 of the cost of the project was for oversight by the state that the state originally told them would not be needed.  

Some projects can wait, Commissioner Heidi Doo-Kirk said, such as painting the custodial room, a projected cost of $550, or replacing the carpeting in the Jane Mianowski room, a projected cost of $5,000.

Commissioner Hakes made a motion authorizing $70,000 from the 1 percent budget to be put into the contingency fund, and then amended that amount to $35,000.  It failed by a vote of 2-3, with Commissioners Hakes and Martinson voting yes and Commissioners Doo-Kirk, Gamble, and Jan Hall voting no.