County board establishes Lake Superior - Poplar River Water District

At the Tuesday, June 12 county board meeting, commissioners passed a resolution establishing the Lake Superior-Poplar River Water District recently authorized by state statute in a bonding bill.  The legislation authorizes a state-funded grant for construction of a pipeline from Lake Superior to Lutsen Mountains that can be used by property owners along that route.  The legislation requires appointment of a board of directors representing domestic water users, irrigation water users, and commercial, stock watering, and industrial users. 
The county board appointed Cook County – Grarnd Marais Economic Development Authority (EDA) Chair Mark Sandbo and Superior National at Lutsen Manager Bob Fenwick to represent irrigation users such as Superior National at Lutsen golf course; Charles Skinner to represent commercial users (Lutsen Mountains Corporation); and Bob Ryan to represent domestic water users (homeowners and time-share businesses).