County to add position to Assessor's office

After several weeks of discussing Assessor Betty Schultz’s request to add a technical clerk position to her department, the county board voted on March 12, 2013 to create a 35-hour-a-week position that will be reviewed in five years and terminated within six years. 

With the help of her staff, Schultz is implementing a new computer system that will track property information in a more detailed way and is working to comply with the state’s requirement that they assess all properties at least once every five years, something the county has not been able to do in recent years.

Commissioner Garry Gamble said, “I think Betty has a good handle on the problem and a good solution to the problem,” but added that government spending needs to be kept in check.

The board also voted to review staffing levels in all the departments.  The review will include comparing Cook County’s staffing levels with other counties with similar demographics.

Commissioner Sue Hakes expected this to “create some extreme discomfort in some departments,” she said.  “This could instill fear, and that’s not always so good for morale.” 

Assessor Schultz pointed out that the commissioners would be focusing on the division of duties in each department more than individual people’s jobs.  Commissioner Bruce Martinson said Lake County is looking at reducing staffing by attrition.