Co-op members hope to save mosaic mural at Cook County Whole Foods Co-op

County Whole Foods Co-op held an informational meeting on 
August 21 to share building plans, financial needs and to explain the 
owner-loan program and more. One co-op member again brought up the 
mosaic tile mural of the four seasons created by local elementary 
school students and asked if a separate campaign could be launched to 
pay for the cost of preserving the mural.  It’s still not certain how 
much it would cost to save the mural, but Co-op Board Member Barb 
Lavigne said the co-op hopes to save as much of the mural as they can.
Local businesspeople Jill Terrill, Stephen Hoglund, and Jan Sivertson 
have offered to take the mural or portions thereof for display at 
their downtown buildings.
LaVigne said the co-op would welcome help from the community to figure 
out how the mural could be saved.  At the very least, high resolution 
photos of the mural will be taken and displayed prominently with good 
lighting on an inside wall in the new building.
Retired Cook County teacher Ann Mershon received 50 responses in one 
day after posting a notice on the local internet bulletin board Boreal 
Access regarding interest in saving the mural.  “We need to 
investigate all the options, and I’m hoping we can find a solution,” 
she told the Cook County News-Herald.  “It’s clear that many community 
members feel the mosaic is a beautiful and meaningful statement and 
should be preserved.”
Demolition of the old building is expected to begin in October, and 
plans are for the new building to be completed sometime next spring.
Those interested in helping save the mural are asked to contact Ann 
Mershon at