Cook County Republicans select delegates for District and State Convention

Twenty-nine Cook County Republicans met on Tuesday, February 
27 at 7 p.m., at the Grand Marais Senior Center in Grand Marais to 
pick delegates for the 8th District Convention and the State Convention.
Mark Delamater and James Dusheck were selected to attend the 8th 
District Convention on April 21 in Park Rapids. Jim Hall, who has been 
a member of the local party since the 1950s, was selected as an 
Garry Gamble and Jamie Thostenson were selected to represent the 
county at the State Convention that will be held May 24 - 25 in St. 
Cloud. Jeff Dillehay was named the 1st alternate and James Dusheck the 
2nd alternate in the event that one, or both delegates, can’t attend.
The delegates will carry resolutions submitted by local Republican 
group and present them at the conventions. Some of those are: A 
balanced budget amendment; repeal the national health care (dubbed 
Obama Care) law; tort reform; audit the federal reserve; end funding 
of the United Nations; eliminate the US Department of Homeland 
Security; restore the gold standard; end life-time pensions and health 
care benefits for former members of Congress and the U.S. Senate; and 
several pro-life resolutions were also submitted.