Cook County M2's End the Season With 3 Tough Losses


The Cook County M2's played their last jamboree of the season in Silver Bay over the past weekend.  The first game was against Two Harbors. We came out very strong against a tough, talented offensive team. Things started getting tense when TH wasn't able to score on Goalie Chase Gwash after 40 tries. It's rare to see penalties at the M2 level, but we managed to get 3 in one game! Alyssa Lashinski scored one goal, John Vander Heiden scored his first career goal and Jayden Grivette had a hattrick. The fans, team and coaches went wild for Johnny!  Then, something lit up under TH because they came back and pulled ahead for the W, but not without a lot of effort. It took them 30 more shots on goal to get ahead of us by one. This game was probably the most exciting, and stressful of the year!


Game two was against Portman. This was another tough loss. Trevor Berglund had a big goal for Cook County.

Game three was the final game of the season. We went up against Woodland. We had one goal scored by Jayden Grivette, assited by Ryan Bilben.

The M2's had a wonderful season! Keep an eye out for these kids next year!