Cook County M1's and M2's Played in Portman Last Weekend!


It was a brisk weekend for outdoor hockey but that’s what Minnesotans are made for! The Cook County Mite 1 and Mite 2 teams journeyed down to Duluth for the Portman Jamboree where Hockey was in the air. The music from the loudspeakers had everybody in an upbeat mood, the Zamboni had the young kids captivated and both Cook County teams had stellar performances that almost had you forgetting about the subzero temps…almost!

The Mite 1’s had four games over the weekend. It was a memorable weekend for these kids as every single team member in attendance scored once, if not more!

The M1’s showed great stamina in their skating, considering the frigid temperatures and the fact that they were short a few team members. Early on into Game 2 against Glen Avon Black, John Pierre made his first goal of the season! Congratulations John!

Scoring goals for the Cook County Mite 1’s were: Tanner Berglund, Andrew Hallberg, Patrick Pierre, Jr., John Pierre, Kevin Viren and Kole Anderson. Absent from the jamboree: Bridget Cooley, Ryan Christiansen, Drew Pelltier.

The Mite 2’s had 3 games for the weekend and went 0-3 but not without a fight. Goals for the weekend were scored by Jayden Grivette, Ryan Bilben and Alyssa Lashinski. On Saturday, Goalie Chase Gwash took a lot of hits in the net, but did a great job putting a stop to the puck. Ella Sporn and Noah Furcht were very aggressive at going for the puck and we saw a lot of improvement from first year player John Vander Heiden. Lucas Sheils also did a tremendous job on the ice showing us some great passes.

On Sunday, Trevor Berglund made his debut in the Goalie net. Trevor had numerous shots on goal and given the fact that he only had 3 practices before his first big game, Trevor did an amazing job. He had a lot of really great saves . Trevor shows a great deal of potential for this tough position.

The M2’s play next in Silver Bay January 29th and 30th and the M1’s play next in Woodland/Duluth on February 5th and 6th.