Cook County Community Fund celebrates 10 years

Ten years since its formation, the Cook County Community Fund has become a major resource for non-profits and donors in the area. Each May, non-profits can apply for grants from a variety of funds that have been established through estate or other gifts. To date, this equals 58 grants totaling $63,897, with 32 non-profits receiving grants.

In addition, donors have the option of establishing a variety of different funds to best meet their long-term charitable giving goals. Or, they can support the unrestricted fund, which is an endowed fund that is focused on supporting the changing needs of the region in the areas of: arts, community development, education, environment, human services and youth.

This individual fund sits at over $200,000 and is just one of many success stories within a community committed to supporting itself.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can get involved with the Cook County Community Fund, join organizers for the 10th Anniversary Celebration on October 8, 5-7p.m. at the Johnson Heritage Post. If you are interested in making a donation tto the fund, call (218) 726-0232 or visit: