Cook County Booster Club Viking gear is a great investment

With shrinking school budgets, fundraising to keep non-academic activities open for kids is essential. One of those fundraising vehicles for Cook County High School is the Cook County Booster Club, and recently the club received some good news when Chris and Terri Goettl of Arrowhead Pharmacy in Grand Marais announced that $1,200 worth of CCHS Vikings sweatshirts and T-shirts was sold through their business this summer.

“The merchandise was sold June, July and August,” said Chris Goettl, adding,  “The staff at Arrowhead Pharmacy helps with all of it. It’s a team effort here.”

As members of the Booster Club, the Goettls agree that whether someone purchases Vikings gear through Arrowhead Pharmacy or at one of the home games, each purchase goes a long way to helping support sports programs offered by CCHS.

“The Booster Club takes the money and reinvests it into the sports programs at school,” said Chris.

“It’s a good program that we’re proud to support,” added Terri.