Consultant hired to update county's Solid Waste Management Plan

Some work just doesn’t seem to get done without outside help.  On July 23, 2013, the county board authorized Planning & Zoning Director Tim Nelson to hire a consultant to update the county’s Solid Waste Management Plan at a cost not to exceed $22,300. 
The state requires counties to update their plans every 10 years, but the last time Cook County submitted a plan was in 2001.  Nelson said other projects involving the subdivision ordinance, the septic ordinance, and the Comprehensive Land Use Plan had left him unable to spend the time it would need to do this himself.
Wenck Associates Inc. of Fargo, North Dakota will work on updating the Solid Waste Management Plan, which will be paid out of the recycling budget.
The board also authorized Nelson to set up a committee to look at the county’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan (also called the Land Use Guide Plan) to determine whether it needs to be updated and how an update could be accomplished.  Commissioners Jan Hall and Heidi Doo-Kirk will sit on that committee.  The plan was last updated in 1997.