Congratulations M1s on a Great Hockey Jamboree Weekend!


Congratulations M1s on a Great Hockey Jamboree Weekend! 

Congratulations to Cook County's M1 Hockey Team on a great Jamboree weekend!  The M1 team played in the Mite 1 Superstar Silver Bay Jamboree this weekend and played with awesome spirit in all four games. Game one was against Esko Blue and M1s Kevin Viren, Patrick Pierre and Koke Anderson all put the puck in the net several times.  John Pierre did a great job assisting in the 3rd period passing to Ryan Christiansen and the puck was shot to the net again. Way to go M1s!

Game 2 on Saturday was played against Esko White. The M1s showed great stamina and played hard the whole game. Several goals were made by the M1s with Kevin Viren scoring multiple times. Ryan Christiansen and Patrick Pierre both had great assists helping to get the puck to the net. Andrew Hallberg hustled hard after the puck and was able to get his first goal of the weekend. Andrew also did a great job defending the net. Tanner Berglund showed great teamwork by shooting some awesome passes and put his first goal of the Jamboree weekend into the net during this game as well.

The M1s played their toughest game of the weekend on Sunday against the Hermantown Badgers. This was a very aggressive game and the young M1s showed they could keep up their spirit and fought hard for the puck the whole game. Several times they were able to break away from the opponent's net to score several goals of their own. Bridget Cooley skated hard to get to the puck and had some great passes!

Game 4 on Sunday was against Silver Bay. The M1s continued to be team players hustling hard on the ice to score multiple times against their opponents. Congratulations on a great Jamboree weekend!

The M1s and M2s will be together this weekend on January 15-16 at the Portman Jamboree in Duluth.

"Let's Play Some Hockey!!"