Community Center demolition bids accepted

Bids for demolition, excavation, and the foundation of the new community center to be built onto the west wing of the Cook County Schools complex came in over budget, but Project Manager Mark Kragenbring of ORB Management expects savings in some areas to more than make up for the overage.  The low bids were approved at the November 20 county board meeting.
Six bidders will be awarded contracts for selective demolition of the school’s west wing; mechanical, electrical, and fire suppression demolition; and excavation, footings and foundations.  The low bids totaled $949,786, $71,891 over the $877,895 budgeted. 
Kragenbring said considerable savings will result because the amount of rock that will need to be removed is less than was estimated in the budget, and the excavation contract will be reduced accordingly.  County Auditor-Treasurer Braidy Powers said contractors can’t charge for work that doesn’t need to be done.
Kragenbring said the cost of furniture, fixtures, and equipment might come in less than the amount budgeted because they can use some things already in place, such as the basketball hoops in the old gym.  If necessary, he said, they could also put off installation of a slide at a cost of $100,000, although the pool would still have a spot ready for it. 
“My confidence in keeping within the budget is as high as it’s ever been,” said Kragenbring.  “We’re doing everything we can to make sure we’re getting things reasonably.”

Community center bids accepted on November 20:
General demolition:  Veit - $118,500
Concrete footings and foundations:  Hovland Inc. - $350,000
Fire protection demolition:  Brothers Fire Protection - $1,975
Mechanical demolition:  County Plumbing & Heating Inc. - $26,380
Electrical demolition:  Hunt Electric Corp. (only bidder) - $22,981
Excavation:  Veit (only bidder) - $429,950