Comment period on communication towers ends April 20

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) Office of 
Electronic Communications has applied for a special-use permit to 
construct two new radio towers and replace two existing towers for the 
operation and maintenance of the Allied Radio Matrix for Emergency 
Response (ARMER) system on national forest system lands.
One of the new towers is proposed to be constructed near a former 
lookout site (Pine Mountain). The second new tower is proposed for a 
site within a recently completed timber harvest tract (Forest Center). 
The replacement towers are the current Fernberg and Meander sites.
The purpose of the towers is to provide a public safety communications 
network managing the implementation of the 800 MHz digital trunked 
radio communications system, which provides emergency response 
personnel the means and ability to share information via voice and/or 
data systems on demand in real time. This includes every city, county, 
state agency, tribal government and non-government public safety 
entity operating in the state.
The public is encouraged to provide comments on the proposed action; 
the comments will help determine the scope of analysis, and those 
comments that lead to environmental issues will assist in developing 
alternatives and analyzing environmental effects. Citizens are asked 
to consider, when reviewing proposed activities and submitting 
comments: Is there anything about the areas involved in the project 
that the Forest Service should consider in the environmental assessment?
Comments should be submitted by April 20 via e-mail (
), fax (218) 626-4398, calling (218) 626-4371) or writing (Tim Dabney, 
Acting Forest Supervisor, Attn: MnDOT ARMER Project, 8901 Grand Avenue 
Place, Duluth, MN 55808). For more information contact Todd Hess, 
project leader at (218) 626-4371 or e-mail