Civil War researcher/author to speak at Cross River Heritage Center July 6

Civil War researcher, Wayne Jorgenson, will discuss his book Every Man Did His Duty: Pictures and Stories of the Men of the First Minnesota at the Cross River Heritage Center, Saturday, July 6 at 1:30.
Just 5 days after the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, Mr. Jorgenson will show pictures of the men of the First Minnesota and tell stories of their lives.  The First Minnesota Volunteer Infantry was the first volunteer regiment to offer service to President Lincoln after the fall of Ft. Sumter. Their sacrifice at the Battle of Gettysburg helped save the union from defeat. This battle was the turning point in the Civil War.
Two Cook County locations are named after men in the First Minnesota. Col. William Colville, who commanded the First Minnesota at the Battle of Gettysburg, later homesteaded north of Grand Marais. The creek adjacent to Colville's homestead was named Durfee Creek after Judge George Durfee who had served under Colville at Gettysburg.