Changes at EDA office in Grand Marais City Hall

The Cook County - Grand Marais Economic Development Authority (EDA)’s space in Grand Marais City Hall looks a bit different now that Small Business Development representative Pat Campanaro started doing business there on April 1. Campanaro’s role with the EDA was one of the main topics of discussion at the March 11, 2014 EDA meeting.

Campanaro thanked the EDA for the modifications that separate her and the other occupant of the EDA space, Jim Boyd, executive director of the Cook County Chamber. Treasurer Scott Harrison in turn thanked his board colleague Howard Hedstrom for taking the remodeling request to the EDA’s landlord, the city of Grand Marais. The city paid a potion of the cost of renovation, $1,975 of the total $3,950.

Campanaro updated the EDA on her activities and noted that now that the office renovation is complete, the community should be made aware of the integration of Small Business Development Center to the EDA.

She asked if the board wanted to have an open house. The board agreed to hold an open house at 4:30 p.m. after the May EDA meeting on Tuesday, May 13. The open house will allow the public to come meet Campanaro, as well as a chance to talk to the new EDA board members.

Scott Harrison said the contract with the University of Minnesota Small Business Development Center, which will fund Campanaro’s services is nearly complete and should be available for the EDA board to sign at the April EDA meeting.

Hedstrom said the personnel committee had discussed the EDA bylaws and what they say about staffing. He said the EDA is not required to have an executive director. However, Hedstrom said, the personnel committee agrees that the EDA board needs administrative help. He said the personnel committee recommended hiring Pat Campanaro for up to 10 hours per month at $30 an hour to assist the EDA as needed. A unanimous motion passed to hire Campanaro, who will work under the supervision of EDA board president Mark Sandbo.

Hedstrom noted, “This doesn’t reflect what the job could be. It reflects what Pat has time for.”

Campanaro added, “And it’s what we have money for.”