Change in election line-up

The Commissioner District 2 race will not to go primary as candidate Kelly Swearingen has withdrawn from the race. Now running in District 2 are incumbent Fritz Sobanja and challenger Garry Gamble. The candidate forum scheduled for Tuesday, July 24 on WTIP radio has been cancelled until the general election in November.
There are still plans for a live candidate forum on WTIP for Commissioner District 4 on Thursday, July 26. Incumbent Jim Johnson has announced that he will not run for re-
election. Running for his seat are Gail Anderson, Rick Austin and 
Heidi Doo-Kirk.

WTIP’s Jay 
Andersen and Rhonda Silence of the Cook County News-Herald will share 
the questioning, with the public invited to call in or e-mail 
questions before or during the broadcast.
Tune in to WTIP at 90.7 Grand Marais; 90.1 Grand Portage; or 91.7 
Gunflint Trail on the night of the forums to hear from the candidates. 
Questions for candidates may be e-mailed in advance of the broadcast 
to the Cook County News-Herald at