CCHS wins "Superior" ratings

The Cook County High School Band is heading to the State Band 
Festival after receiving superior ratings at two competitions last week.
On Friday, February 10, the Cook County High School band sent two 
ensembles to perform at the Section 7A Small Group Festival at Two 
Harbors High School. Minnesota
State High School League uses a judging system based on a total point 
system of 40 points. The "Superior" range is 35-50. An "Excellent" 
rating is 28-34
Points. A “Good" rating is 22-27 points. "Fair" is anything below 21 
points. Only "Superior" ratings advance on to State.
CCHS was represented at the small group festival by a seven-member 
Brass Choir and a Saxophone Quintet. The Brass Choir performed 
Reinhold Gliere's Russian Sailor's Dance. The Brass Choir earned a 
"Superior" rating with 37 points.
The Sax Quintet performed The Pink Panther by Henry Mancini. They also 
earned a "Superior" rating with a score of 39 points.
The full high school band performed at the Section 7A Large Group 
festival on Monday, February 13 at Duluth Marshall High School. The 
full band performed in front of three judges, as well as other 
schools. The band even had a surprise audience member as former, and 
beloved, band teacher Bill Tormondsen was there to enjoy the band's 
The band played On a Hymnsong of Phillip Bliss by David Holsinger as 
well as Raging Machines by Brian Balmages. The judges awarded the band 
three "Superior" ratings—36,
37 and 38 respectively.
The full high school band, along with the two ensembles, will be 
performing at UMD on Monday, March 12 at the State Band festival. The 
Brass Choir plays at 10:30 a.m., the Sax Quintet performs at 11:20 
a.m., with the full band rounding out the day with a performance at