The calendar says spring is here

..yeah right... have you looked outside?  But don't despair, you don't need budding flowers or chirping birds to put spring into your step....  just spring down to Oddz & Endz and enjoy the signs of Spring that you will find there.

For example:

We have the perfect glassware for mint julips or lemonade

old fashioned ice cream sundae dishes 

linens in a variety of spring colors (even mud and red clay colors, if you prefer)

Spring means tax season and we have orgaizational opportunities for you: file boxes with hanging files and all the other office stuff that you need to go through the grueling tax preparation...

Watch the Spring night sky through the lens of a telescope...

Spring into action and gather up the materials you need to do those nasty spring chores

Check out the springy entry for just the right container to start planting, or planning your garden, or creating your fairy garden...

Don't pass up the opportunity to have a cup of coffee (it is too cold yet for lemonade), browse through the North Shore Room, find a comfortable place to sit and thumb through the latest Home and Garden or DIY Spring magazine.

Open:  Mondays 11-6; Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays 10-4.  

Remember: just because it is spring you needn't just drop off your stuff outside because we take donations when we are open or if absolutely necessary give one of us a call.

quiz for the day: What do you call a rabbit who can only see the good?     A hoptimist!  (or would it be AN hoptimist?)

CONTACT: EvaLyn Carlson
PHONE: 370-0615
DATE: 03/20/2017 01:18am