The Birch Terrace Resturant

Now open for lunch and dinner!

The Birch Terrace Resturant is open today from 11am - 9pm!

We have new kitchen and resturant staff ready to serve you our great new menu!

Lunch items served from 11am - 9pm include our hand formed burger, philly & prime dip sandwiches, streak sandwich, grilled chicken sandwich, walleye sandwich, hot beef and hot turkey sandwiches.

Dinners are served from 3 pm - 9pm include ribeye steak, cap sirloin steaks, tiger shrimp, BBQ pork ribs, walleye, surf 'n turf and spaghetti 'n meatballs.

Come on out tonight and rediscover The Birch Terrace!

Reservations recommended for groups of five or more people, call 387-2215.

For banquets and group events, please contact Cheryl at 387-2215 or 370-8056.