Bigfoot controversy on the Gunflint Trail

Bigfoot on Gunflint.JPG

Call him Bigfoot, Sasquatch or Yeti—just don’t call him welcome on the Gunflint Trail in Grand Marais. Immediately after an anonymous jokester erected two Bigfoot Crossing signs on the Gunflint Trail near Swamper Lake, debate began.
The community was torn—were the signs cute and funny? Or an annoying Wisconsin Dells-like intrusion? Arguments were carried on in coffee shops and on facebook. Opinions were offered stating that the signs were awesome and hilarious, with many folks weighing in with thoughts of who was the model for the Yeti figure. Others sadly stated that it made a mockery of the tranquility and beauty of the Gunflint Trail.
The arguments are moot. The signs are gone. County Highway Engineer David Betts said his crews took the signs down, but had nothing to do with the placement of the Sasquatch signs. Betts said it was not a high priority for the Highway Department to take the signs down. “Frankly, it really wasn’t a big deal,” said Betts.
Before the Highway Department got there two days later, someone had defaced the signs with black spray paint.
Betts said he was more bothered by the person or persons who stole the “Caution—Baby Moose” signs that had been erected in that area. “It’s bad enough they stole the sign, but they also took the barricade, which is actually worth more than the sign.”
Regardless of whether signs are present—watch for baby moose and hairy visitors on the Gunflint!