Basic computer class offered by Higher Ed

If you are curious about computers or think you might like to use one but find the entire topic confusing, intimidating or downright scary, Cook County Higher Education has the class for you.  Or perhaps you know someone who fits that description and can recommend this class to them.
Join Jim Boyd of the Cook County Higher Education staff from 5-7 p.m. Tuesday, July 31 for a really basic discussion of how to use a computer. Boyd is not a computer expert, and he will not try to make you one, either. This class will be more of a conversation than a lecture. No question will be considered too basic.  
Maybe you don't even have a computer? Don't let that stop you. We will talk a little about what you might purchase without breaking the bank.
This class will focus on computers that run versions of Microsoft Windows because that's what most of the world uses. It will focus on desktop and laptop computers (you will learn the difference). It will not cover tablet computers (like the iPad and Kindle Fire). Nor will the class delve into how to use smart phones. Classes on those topics may come later.
If you take this class, you will learn, to your delight we hope, that the best way to gain computer mastery is to play (yes, play!) with a computer, and that if you “break” it, the most likely way to fix it is to just turn it off and then back on.
To register for this class, call Cook County Higher Education at 218-387-3411 or have someone e-mail Cost for this class is $20.