Arts Council to hold informational meeting about grants program Sept. 20

Are you an artist living in the Arrowhead Region, seeking funding to move your career to the next level? Does your regional arts nonprofit need operating support, or funding for a project? If so, plan to attend a meeting of the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council on Sept. 20 from 4 to 6 p.m. at Grand Marais Art Colony.

Samuel Black, assistant director of the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council (ARAC), will discuss important changes to three ARAC grants: Career Development (individual artists); Two-Year Operating (arts nonprofits); and Rural/Community (arts nonprofits).

Included in this discussion will be ARAC’s new grant deadline structure, the new shape of the narrative questions (to reflect criteria), other changes to multiple ARAC programs, and using the Grant Lifecycle Manager (GLM) as an application format. All questions will be answered!

Individual artists are advised that McKnight/ACHF/ARAC Career Development Grants support and assist regional artists from all cultural backgrounds at various stages in their careers. This program encourages artistic development by assisting artists to take advantage of specific opportunities and to nurture artistic creativity through self-generated proposals. This program is also designed to allow artists the time to work to achieve specific career goals by purchasing supplies and materials, participating in advanced study not related to a degree program, or pursuing other activities that will allow them to meet their artistic goals.