Amy & Adams perform at O'Phelan's Pub at Cascade Lodge Friday, Jan. 18

Amy & Adams of St. Paul will be performing at O'Phelan's Pub at Cascade Lodge on Friday, Jan. 18 from 7:00 – 9:30 p.m.
Amy & Adams share their inspiring upbeat music with folks in the Midwest and beyond, and for nearly two decades they’ve touched audiences of all ages at schools, churches, libraries, city parks, art fairs, weddings, wineries, radio, television, and especially elder care facilities.
Amy and Mark Adams-Westin found each other in the Twin Cities after decades of playing in their own worlds. They’ve produced five well-received CDs that have garnered national and international airplay; they cover a musical territory far wider than folk which they’ve dubbed Eclectic/FolkRock/ TinPanAlley/BluesGrass.
Their newest CD, Gone…aloft may be heard at