American Legion

"Burger Night"

Wednesday @ the Legion:

OPEN at 3:00pm

Fresh cooked burgers to order!

Tonight's burger special :

BBQ Bacon Burger with Fried Onions and Swiss Cheese  $7.75

                                                               with French Fries  $9.75

We also have  Sandwich Features Tonight !

"Riblet"  OR "Corn Beef" on a Toasted Hoagie with Deep-fried Potatoe Wedges

                                                            served with a Creamed Horsradish Sauce  $8.25

*** FYI *** Meat Raffle AND Bingo this SATURDAY @ 6:00pm.....

                                                               come on dowm - get some ribs - play alittle Bingo ! ***

All are WELCOME at the Legion !

Support those who have supported US !!