Wanted to Buy or Borrow

Anything that you are looking for that someone else might be willing to sell you

Wanted: Old - 4WD – standard transmission – SUV


Old truck needed:

4WD – standard transmission – SUV – preferably small like a “Jimmy” or “Blazer” for use on the farm off road.

Contact Vil for leads.

CONTACT: Vilnis Neilands
PHONE: 2183879479
DATE: 01/12/2015 05:00pm

Wanted - Child's Snowmobile Helmet

For a 4/5 year old.  Please call Tom or Laurie at 387-2182

CONTACT: Bill Doucette
PHONE: 387-9303
DATE: 01/11/2015 01:18pm

CO2 Tank Wanted

CO2 tank any size (prefer 5 pound or larger) free or cheap. Gas regulator would be a bonus.
Call Charlie at 370-1030 or respond to this posting.

CONTACT: Charlie Butter
PHONE: 218-370-1030
DATE: 01/08/2015 05:16pm

Wanted - Inversion Table

Does anyone have an inversion table that you'd be willing to sell?  Please call Larry at (218) 370-9475.

PHONE: (218) 370-9475
DATE: 01/08/2015 03:43pm

Used Clothes Dryer

Looking to buy a used WORKING clothes dryer in good condition for regular use. We can move it. 

Thank you!

PHONE: 370-9862
DATE: 01/06/2015 01:01pm

gravity flow oil heater

Also known as a vaporizing oil burner these rhave an external carbeurator and run without electricity. Let me know if you have one you'd sell.

CONTACT: Harry Drabik
PHONE: 475 2359
DATE: 01/02/2015 04:35pm