Wanted to Buy or Borrow

Anything that you are looking for that someone else might be willing to sell you

dethatcher for lawn care wanted to rent or borrow

I would like to borrow or rent a dethatcher for lawn care. Call 387-2630 or respond to email. Thank you  

PHONE: 3872630
DATE: 05/27/2015 09:12am

looking for an office phone

Our office phone gave up on us this morning and I'm searching for a working desk phone. Any used ones out there? Couple of memory buttons, speaker option would be good.

Thanks Boreal land.

melinda   387-2186

CONTACT: Melinda
PHONE: 387-2186
DATE: 05/26/2015 02:05pm


Wanted small storage shed - one I can easily move or dismantel and move.

Can be of any type construction as long as I can make it water tight.

Call or text pH 218 349 0219.

CONTACT: Timothy Anderson
PHONE: 218 349 0219
DATE: 05/25/2015 04:35pm

ISO: Recliner Lift Chair

Looking for a recliner lift chair for a community member in need. If you have one you would like to get rid of or know of someone that does please contact Traci @ 387-3279. Person in need is approximently 150 pounds and 5'4".

CONTACT: Traci Allen
PHONE: 218-387-3279
DATE: 05/25/2015 10:08am

Wanted Ash Boards

Wanted  14'  or better Ash boards 1 x 3 or can be wider and I will rip them to dimention. Just need enough for the gunwhales on my boat.

call me Jim  at 218-387-1589

CONTACT: Jim Lawson
PHONE: 218-387-1589
DATE: 05/24/2015 07:51am

Looking for new born clothes

Looking for new born clothes. Little Joseph was born the smallest in a large extended family with only large babies to pass on clothes. Any new born clothes for 5#+ babies out there to buy?


CONTACT: Melinda
DATE: 05/16/2015 12:27pm