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Ask for a ride or offer one if you're already going somewhere and have an empty seat

Ride Needed From Duluth or Cities on 11/26

Looking for a ride for my brother Losha either from the cities to Grand Marais or the bus station in Duluth to Grand Marais on Wednesday November 26.
It would be extremely helpful and appreciated!
He is also looking for a ride back to the cities or Duluth on Saturday November 29th.

Send me an email or call/txt at 370-1417

CONTACT: Hana Senty
DATE: 11/24/2014 11:15am

Ride from Duluth needed

Looking for a ride from Duluth to Grand Marais on Tuesday, November 25th at noon or later. Will happily pay for the gas.  Call Todd at 387-9441 or e-mail snowday@boreal.org  Thanks!

CONTACT: Susan Miller
PHONE: 387-9441
DATE: 11/24/2014 10:21am

Needed: Ride to Duluth or Cities, Nov 29th

My brother Losha Senty is looking for a ride down to the cities on Saturday Nov 29th. If anyone is headed that direction, or even to Duluth where he could catch a bus please send me an email.

Losha and my family would appreciate it!

CONTACT: Hana Senty
DATE: 11/18/2014 01:09pm

Duluth Airport Pickup Needed Mon 10th

Flying into Duluth Airport on Mon 10th at 2:44 in the afternoon. Need ride to Lutsen. Please call or email

CONTACT: Olwe Bottorff
PHONE: 574-304-3592
DATE: 11/05/2014 08:38pm