Rides Needed / Available

Ask for a ride or offer one if you're already going somewhere and have an empty seat

Needed: Ride to Duluth or Cities, Nov 29th

My brother Losha Senty is looking for a ride down to the cities on Saturday Nov 29th. If anyone is headed that direction, or even to Duluth where he could catch a bus please send me an email.

Losha and my family would appreciate it!

CONTACT: Hana Senty
DATE: 11/18/2014 01:09pm

Duluth Airport Pickup Needed Mon 10th

Flying into Duluth Airport on Mon 10th at 2:44 in the afternoon. Need ride to Lutsen. Please call or email

CONTACT: Olwe Bottorff
PHONE: 574-304-3592
DATE: 11/05/2014 08:38pm