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ISD 166 August 7th School Board Meeting Agenda

Cook County School District - ISD 166

School Board Agenda

August 7, 2014

Jane Mianowski Conference Center

5:00 P.M.


1.0      Call to Order

2.0      Pledge of Allegiance

3.0      Recognition of Visitors

4.0      Approve Meeting Agenda

5.0      Community Comments

            5.1      Community Comments is an opportunity for the public to address the school board on a school-related item, in accordance with guidelines printed at the end of the agenda.

6.0      Presentations & Administrative Reports

            6.1      13-14 Athletic Director Report

            6.2      Principal’s Report

            6.3      Superintendent’s Report

            6.4      Board Reports


7.0      Discussion/Action Items

          7.1      Discussion of Operating Revenue      

CONTACT: Cara Price
DATE: 08/05/2014 10:27am

Great Places Popping Up Across Cook County and Grand Portage!

While we hope you will check out the new 'Great Places' in Grand Marais during Fisherman's Picnic, don't forget that the Great Place Race spans the County and Grand Portage!

Be sure to check out these other great places:

- Gathering Area around Hearth Oven, Birch Grove Foundation, Tofte
- Athletic Equipment Borrowing Bank, Grand Portage Health Services, Grand Portage
- Trail and Seating, Gunflint Lodge, Gunflint Trail
- Picnic Table and Bench, Schroeder Township, Schroeder
- Bike Racks, Town of Tofte, Tofte
- Seating and Picnic Area,Trinity Lutheran Church, Hovland

Thank you, Cook County Chamber of Commerce, for your partnership in this project! For a full list of the Great Place Race recipients, visit

CONTACT: Moving Matters, Sawtooth Mountain Clinic
DATE: 08/01/2014 02:20pm

Sightings of Blue and Yellow Bikes

Blue and Yellow Bikes Sighted!

Have you spotted the blue and yellow bikes around Grand Marais? If you haven't yet, keep your eyes out for them this weekend during Fisherman's Picnic.

What are they?

These bright blue and yellow bikes have been placed on bike racks around town to call attention to the location of those racks, as well as to demonstrate the proper way to attach your bike. Each bike also sports a quote, such as

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” -Albert Einstein

Thank you to the City of Grand Marais and the Active Living Steering Committee for providing and highlighting the local bicycle infrastructure. Stay tuned - two new bicycle maintenance stations will soon be making their first appearance as well.

CONTACT: Active Living Steering Committee
DATE: 08/01/2014 10:23am

Fishermans Picnic Schedule on Boreal

Check out for the Fish Pic Schedule anytime, anywhere all weekend!


Happy Fishermans Picnic everyone!

DATE: 07/31/2014 12:31pm