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ISD 166 School Board Meeting Agenda 3/19/15

Cook County School District - ISD 166

School Board Agenda

March 19, 2015

Jane Mianowski Conference Center

5:00 PM Regular Board Meeting



Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance
Recognition of Visitors
Approve Meeting Agenda


                5.0          Community Comments

                5.1      Community Comments is an opportunity for the public to address the school board on a school-related  item, in accordance with guidelines printed at the end of the agenda.

                6.0          Presentations & Administrative Reports

                                6.1          Robotics Presentation

                                6.2          Principal’s Report

                                6.3          Superintendent’s Report

CONTACT: Cara Price
DATE: 03/18/2015 02:45pm

Museum Closed

Due to repair work, the Cook County Historical Museum will be closed for the next couple of weekends. Office hours are still available throughout the week. MUSIC ITEMS can be dropped off during the week between 8-4. Thank you for your patience.

CONTACT: Cook County Historical Society
PHONE: 218-387-2883
DATE: 03/13/2015 08:27am

No Contempt of Court, No MDA Inspections for Now! Lake View Dairy Case Update.

No Contempt of Court, No Inspections for Now! 

After Lake View Natural Dairy’s attorney, Zenas Baer, finished presenting all the arguments (constitutional and other) and the State Attorney, Kimberly Middendorf, responded, Judge Michael Cuzzo made his current ruling.

Judge Cuzzo stated that he was “staying the order of inspection” that had previously been issued by him in his court due to the issues that were presented at today’s hearing.  He further clarified to Middendorf that the previous order of inspection could not be used, at this time, by the MDA to inspect Lake View Natural Dairy.  He said that he is going to take up to 90 days (he commented that he hoped to not take that long) to review the arguments presented to determine the jurisdictional validity of the order (whether the MDA has the right to make the inspection in the first place).  Judge Cuzzo will issue his ruling in writing and when it becomes public it will be posted on this site.

The State Assistant Attorney Middendorf’s argument (through the “MDA’s Memorandum of Law) to limit the hearing to only find whether or not David Berglund was found in contempt of court or not, was fully rejected.  Not only did Judge Cuzzo agree to consider the many arguments brought up by Zenas Baer, but Judge Cuzzo also found that David Berglund had made a “good faith argument” as to why he had refused the inspections and ultimately the Order to Inspect granted previously by the court!  Simply, the judge found that David Berglund was NOT IN CONTEMPT OF COURT!

PHONE: 612 799 9080
DATE: 03/10/2015 04:35pm

Your Feedback Requested on Highway 61 Concept Designs

On February 24th, over 50 community members gathered in Grand Marais for the third meeting of Highway 61 Revisited, a process for envisioning a redesign of the Highway 61 corridor through Grand Marais.

The meetings have been convened by the City of Grand Marais after redesign of Highway 61 was deemed a priority by the city council last year with community input. While Highway 61 through Grand Marais is a Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) road, the meetings have created an opportunity for community members to share their vision for the future of the highway corridor. This has resulted in two concept designs for the corridor. “There has been excellent community participation in the process both at in-person meetings [with over 50 attendees at each meeting] as well as through online comment opportunities and in one-on-one conversations with property owners along the corridor,” conveyed Mike Fischer with LHB, Inc. at the meeting on the 24th.

During the most recent meeting, the design team, including consultants CJ Fernandez and Jason Aune of Aune Fernandez Landscape Architects and Mike Fischer of LHB, Inc., shared an update on the ongoing conceptual design process, including revised concept designs and the next steps. There was also an update on the Health Impact Assessment on the project, which is being led by the Sawtooth Mountain Clinic with the assistance of a community committee. The group discussion identified many areas that the process has begun to address and those that the city will continue to investigate with community involvement, including parking, safe crossings, street landscaping, and a walk/bike trail.

CONTACT: City of Grand Marais and Moving Matters
DATE: 03/10/2015 01:01pm

Kundalini Yoga this Tuesday & Thursday!

Yoga Classes in Grand Marais, MN

Thanks for your patience the last two weeks with class cancellations! Classes are back on track and we will meet at the 4H log building on both Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30-6:45, see you there! Check out my website for more information

CONTACT: Brigette
DATE: 03/10/2015 12:53pm

Save Lake View Natural Dairy Court Hearing

What to Expect on March 9th’s Court Date?  Lake View Natural Dairy v. Minnesota Department of Agriculture  (see for the full issue).

On the morning of Monday, March 9th, at 9am at the Cook County Courthouse, the Berglund family, many organizations, myself, and most importantly many community members I have spoken to are hoping for a large turnout of quiet support.  I would like to encourage anyone who has the time or can arrange for the time off from work, to at a minimum come between the hours of 8:30am to a bit past 9:00am, and if you can, stay throughout the hearing.

Please arrive early (outside doors open at 8am) for security screening (metal detector) and seating in the courtroom (first row seating is reserved, as is a section of seating for the media, and the rest is first-come-first-serve.  No one will be standing in the courtroom).  Please leave metal items (i.e. pocket knives, restricted weapons, etc.) in your vehicles to help our deputies with the potential large volume of persons attending the hearing.  No hand bags, purses, briefcases, hats or recording devices will be allowed in the courtroom.  It would be best to leave cell phones in your vehicles as anyone that creates distraction in the courtroom will be immediately removed.  If you forget you have restricted items on your person, you will be asked to return them to your vehicle.

CONTACT: Greg Gentz
PHONE: 612 799 9080
DATE: 03/08/2015 05:42pm