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SAVE Lake View Natural Dairy

Informational Meeting at 7pm on Saturday, March 7th / Court Hearing March 9th, 9am (Arrive early)

Michael Hartmann is a farmer from Gibbon, MN who has been to court fighting the MDA for over 15 years.  I have referenced his case that went to the MN Supreme Court in 2005 in past posts.  He knows this topic intimately and can give insight into what we may be able to do as a community to protect the Lake View Natural Dairy and our right to purchase products from them.

We will be holding an informational meeting on Saturday, March 7th at 7pm located at the Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Grand Marais (location).  Michael will be talking about his experience and will take questions from those attending.  Some of the Berglund family may also be in attendance, but will be unable to take questions due to the upcoming hearing.  I will attend and take questions if needed.

If anyone that is planning on attending knows how to use the church coffee makers, let me know.

FYI…Media will not be allowed at this meeting, so feel free to talk and ask questions.  Please don’t interpret this as anything negative against media, just some people have expressed they would be less open to conversation otherwise.


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CONTACT: Greg Gentz
PHONE: 612 799 9080
DATE: 03/06/2015 09:43am

What's your Great Place idea? Mini-grant application open!

Apply to be a 2015 Great Place Project!

After a successful first year of the Great Place Race, the newly renamed Great Place Project will offer a second year of mini-grants for placemaking in Cook County and Grand Portage. The Great Place Project is looking for businesses and organizations to apply with their high impact, low cost idea to make a place great. Mini-grants range from $250 to $1,000 per project.

Applications will be accepted until March 31, 2015 at 4 pm CST. Applications are available for download at or paper copies may be picked up at the Sawtooth Mountain Clinic front desk during business hours (513 5th Ave W, Grand Marais).

Questions about the 2015 Great Place Project? Contact Maren at or 218-387-2330 x110.

CONTACT: Moving Matters and Cook County Chamber of Commerce
DATE: 03/06/2015 09:15am

Cook County/Grand Marais Regular EDA Meeting

Tuesday, March 10, 2015 - 4 p.m. - City Council Chambers

Agenda - Call to order

Monthly reports - AEOA, SBDC

Affordable Workforce Housing Grant Update

SNL Monthly report

Open meeting law training


CONTACT: city hall
PHONE: 387-1848
DATE: 03/06/2015 08:26am

Lake View Natural Dairy needs the communities help!

We as a community can make a difference. Please read these two articles and help if you can to save our Lake View Natural Dairy! The first article is about the state coming after the farm and trying to make them under go an inspection (which by legal right LVND does not have to - but they want them to anyway by forcing a $500 fee per day they don't) The second article is about an former cop in Grand Marais Greg Gregory Gentz who wrote the article and his efforts to help save the farm and his personal views and beliefs on the matter (Which is a very interested and informative read.) The wolves are barking at our door cook county people - help save Lake View Natural Dairy. There are so many people who use this farm for personal use and people who need these raw products for children with allergies (same as adults). Please - if you can show up March 9th at the court house and show your support! We need to stand strong as a community!

"On the morning of Monday, March 9th, at 9am at the Cook County Courthouse, the Berglund family, many organizations, myself, and most importantly many community members I have spoken to are hoping for a large turnout of quiet support.  I have a good guess that the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) is not hoping for the same.  I would like to encourage anyone who has the time or can arrange for the time off from work, to at a minimum come between the hours of 8:30am to a bit past 9:00am, and if you can stay throughout the hearing.

Please arrive early for security screening (metal detector) and seating as there may only be standing room available.  Please leave metal items (i.e. pocket knives, restricted weapons, etc.) in your vehicles to help our deputies with the potential large volume of persons attending the hearing.  If you forget you have restricted items on your person, you will be asked to return them to your vehicle.

CONTACT: Molly LaFreniere
PHONE: 2183872435
DATE: 03/04/2015 09:58am

No Kundalini Yoga Tonight!

NO KUNDALINI YOGA TONIGHT! Sorry everyone, but I have the bronchial crud that's going around. See everyone on Thursday! Stay warm and be well!

CONTACT: Brigette
DATE: 03/03/2015 09:17am

Funeral Service for Lucas Coe


Funeral Service for Lucas Coe, Son of Bryan and Erica Coe, Grandson of Paul and Barb Coe

Will be held on Saturday, March 7, 2015

10:00 am Visitation 

11:00 am Service

Heritage Assemblies of God, Baxter, MN  


CONTACT: Marcy Olsen
PHONE: 218-387-9014
DATE: 03/01/2015 09:09pm